School Uniforms

Boys Girls
White Plain Shirts White Plain Shirts
Navy Blue Trousers

Navy Blue Pinafore with Box Pleats

Navy Blue Trousers/Shorts (Primary Section) (6 cms below knee level)
Navy Blue Socks Navy Blue Socks
Black Shoes Black Shoes (flat heeled)
Black belt with simple buckle Blue hair band
Neck Tie (from IX to XII) Neck Tie (from IX to XII)

On PT Days

Middle and Senior Section
Boys and Girls
Primary Section
Boys and Girls
House T-Shirts White Plain Shirts
Navy Blue Track Pants White Trousers/ Shorts
White PT Shoes White PT Shoes
White Socks   White Socks

Dress Code:

  1. The dress code will be followed during the School hours as well as at all School Events.
  2. Sweaters and Jackets worn in winter must be navy blue in colour without any designs/ patterns.
  3. Only black belt will be permitted for the boys.  The buckle of the belt should be simple.
  4. Girls shall have the belts stitched along with the pinafore and shall not use any other type of belt.
  5. The pinafore shall be long enough to cover the knees in standing/sitting position.  It should not be tight and should not have any slit.
  6. Girls with long hair should plait it or tie it back.  It should not fall over the face or eyes.  Ribbons or hair bands, if used, must be white/blue.  Make-up of any kind will not be permitted.
  7. White P.T. shoes shall be used only on days of physical education class and not on any other day.
  8. Hats, caps, sweat bands and sunglasses/photo-chromatic glasses shall not be worn inside the school campus.
  9. Side burns fancy and irregular haircuts and beard (except on religious grounds with parents seeking prior written permission in person for the student) are not allowed.
  10. Use of jewellery / hair gel/ cosmetics which become a nuisance or attracts undue attention in a study situation will not be permitted.

Kindly note that students coming to school in improper uniform will attract fine and punishment.  We also intend to reward the students for the best turn out.


The Indian School is a CBSE affiliated school located in Bahrain. It was founded in the year 1950. The Indian School, Bahrain has around 12,000 students and is one of the largest co-ed schools in the Gulf.