Science Lab

Physics LAB

The Physics Lab is one of the best in the school. All budding science enthusiasts are taught the practical applications of physics through live demonstrations. It is one of the favorites of students in the school.

Chemistry LAB

A student of science is always inquisitive. The student has lot of answered questions. The chemistry lab is the place where lot of unanswered questions come to the fore and are practically demonstrated to the students. All chemistry experiments are conducted here in the most hygienic and safe manner.

Biology LAB

A lab equipped to deal with all questions on biological creation and experimentation. It answers all questions related to the physiology and explains the nature of human and animal formation.

Biotech LAB

With the introduction of Biotech as an optional subject, a biotech lab was inevitable. Equipped with all the required equipment, the lab is only one of its kinds in the island among the various schools.

Home Science LAB

Psychology LAB

It is situated on the first floor of the Sheikh Isa Block. Students opting for Psychology conduct their practicals here. The lab is equipped with all the necessities to understand the finer elements of Psychology

Mathematics LAB

The Mathematics Lab is the only one in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Indian School has the credit of starting the first math lab. The lab takes mathematical enthusiasts on the journey of reasoning and logic. The lab is designed to make the world of maths more interesting and inquisitive.


The Indian School is a CBSE affiliated school located in Bahrain. It was founded in the year 1950. The Indian School, Bahrain has around 12,000 students and is one of the largest co-ed schools in the Gulf.