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GCC open Badminton tournament 2015

The ISB Badminton team which had participated in the GCC open Badminton tournament from 18th to 20th June organized by the BKS .The following students is the winners and runners –up in different categories ,with the school officials . 1) Under 9 girls singles singles Bhavya Pavithran -Runner-up 2) Under 9 boys doubles Ajay Jaimy of 3rd std became runners –up 3) Under 11 girls doubles Bhavya Pavithran and partner became runners –up. 4) Under 15 boys’s singles winner –Sanjay Jaimy of 10th std 5) Under-15 boy’s runners-up Arjun Karnaver of 10th std . 6) Under 15 boys’s doubles – winners Sanjay Jaimy and Arjun Karnavar of 10th std. 7) Under 15 boy’s boys doubles Nithin Nahaz of 9th std and Partner . 8) Under 15 boys singles winner Sanjay Jaimy of 10th std 9) Under 15 boy’s singles runner up Arjun Karnavar of 10th std . 10) Undeer13 girl’s doubles winners Varsh Suresh 7th std and partner 11) Under 13 boy’s doubles winners Mathew K Cherian of 6th std and partner . 12) Under 19 girl’s doubles runners –up Anza Shanil of 10th and partner . 13) Under 15 girl’s doubles Neha Mahesh of 10th and partner .

18 JUN 2015, Bahrain Keraleeya Samajam
Winners and Runnersup


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