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Viswa Hindi Divas celebrated at the Indian School

The Indian School hosted the CBSE schools in Bahrain for the Viswa Hindi Divas under the patronage of the Embassy of India. Mr. Anand Prakash, the Second Secretary of the Embassy was the Chief Guest of the function. The programme commenced with the lighting of the traditional lamp. Mr. Anand Prakash highlighted the importance of Hindi as the official language and its greatness. He expressed that every language has its own beauty and Hindi has been very easy to be adopted by many Indians. He said that it was a proud moment for India when the Prime Minister and the External affairs Minister of India spoke in Hindi during the UN General Assembly. Mr. Khursheed Alam, E C Member Academics was thankful that Mr. Anand Prakash for being present for the occasion. He added that Hindi has connected people across continents due to its simplicity. Earlier the Hon. Vice-Chairman Mr. Muhammed Iqbal welcomed Mr. Anand Prakash and congratulated everyone in his opening remarks. Prizes were distributed to the students who won various competitions from various schools in Bahrain. A variety of cultural progammes marked the occasion. The Head of Department Mr. Ibadur Rehaman attributed the success of the event to all the staff of the Hindi department, students of ISB and the other schools who participated to make this event grand. VISHWA HINDI DIVAS - 2017 INTERSCHOOL COMPETITIONS (R E S U L T S) S.N. Competitions Winner’s Name Class Position School’s Name 1 Poem Recitation (IV) 1. Parthi Jain IV First New Millennium School 2. Arnav N Nair IV Second The Asian School 3. Vaani Sharma IV Third The New Indian School 2. Poster Making (V & VI) 1. Raina Shaju VI First The New Indian School 2. Shilpa Santhosh V Second The Indian School 3. Krishna Gilu VI Second The New Horizon School 4. Samiya Rashid VI Third Al Noor International School 5. Sarthak Seth VI Third The Asian School 3. Doha Recitation (VII & VIII) 1. Athul Krishna VII First The Indian School 2. AAdith S Menon VIII Second The Asian School 3. Sree Hamsini VI Second Bahrain Indian School 4. Sruthi Subina VIII Third The New Indian School 4. Slogan Writing (IX & X) 1. Simran Sachdeva X First The Indian School 2. Sarah Nasim IX Second New Millennium School 3. Aishani Mitra X Second The Indian School 4. Fathmatul Najah Anwar IX Third Ibn Al Hytham Islamic School 5 Group Song (Patriotic) (IX & X) 1. Sabrin Khalifa First The Indian School 2. Farzana Ashraf Ali First 3. Pardeep Kumar First 4. Pooja Joshi First 5. Adarsh R Pillai First 6. Christina Vinod Jacob First 7. Akrity Jain First 8. Varsha Sunder First SECOND PRIZE 1. Aashritha Shankar Second Asian School 2. Arathi Rajesh Second 3. Durga V Vivekanandan Second 4. Pavithra P Menon Second 5. Priyanka Mahesh Second 6. Roshni Reji Second 1. Isacc George Third Al Noor International School 2. Krish Sharma Third 3. Hafis Firosh Third 4. Sneha Somashekharan Third 5. Taha Taheri Third 6. Jabir Amaludin Third 7. Layla Ahmed Third 8. Jane Layola Third

12 JAN 2017, ISB
Viswa Hindi Divas celebrated at the Indian School


The Indian School is a CBSE affiliated school located in Bahrain. It was founded in the year 1950. The Indian School, Bahrain has around 12,000 students and is one of the largest co-ed schools in the Gulf.