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ISB celebrates Urdu Day (Yaum-e-Urdu) - 2017

ISB celebrates Urdu Day (Yaum-e-Urdu) - 2017 Urdu Department of The Indian School, Kingdom of Bahrain celebrated Urdu Day (Yaum-e-Urdu) 2017 in vibrant colors on Thursday 09 November, 2017. A prominent Urdu and Arabic Scholar Mr. Mohammad Shuaib Nigramy was the chief Guest and famous Urdu Poet and Educationist Dr. Nawaz Deobandi and Ex-Head of Dept. of I.T.-GIIC Mr. Mohammad Anwar were our Guests of Honor. The program started with the school prayer song followed by the National Anthem of Bahrain and India. Welcome address was done by a student Miss Redah Sohail of class X after the lighting of lamp, the symbol of knowledge. This was the grand finale of the weeklong celebrations which has many competitions among the students of classes VI, VII and VIII. Urdu Poem Recitation, Urdu speech and Urdu Naat & Hamd competitions were conducted. Apart from competitions there were lot of variety programs such as Patriotic song, National Song and a humorous skit named ‘Interview’ which students enjoyed a lot. The Urdu Day report was presented by Urdu Teacher Mrs. Sameena Shaikh. In his speech the chief guest Mr. Mohammad Shuaib Nigramy highlighted the contribution of Urdu scholars who took the name and fame of Urdu up. He congratulated the school for arranging Urdu Day in a grand manner. He expressed that Urdu language adopted many other languages in it and became rich. He stated that Urdu is ‘The language of Love”. In his speech Mr. Nawaz Deobandi strongly said that the Urdu and Hindi language became one and both are flourishing. Urdu is easy to understand by everyone. He recited his Urdu poetry and that was appreciated by all students. The Executive Committee honorary member (academic) Mr. Khursheed Alam and Honorary member Mr. Jayfar Madani were also present in the celebration. Mr. Khursheed Alam also wished the students and teachers on the occasion of Urdu Day. Principal Mr. V.R. Palaniswamy, and Vice Principals also congratulated the students and teachers on the occasion. The winner students presented Poem Recitation, Speech and Naat in a beautiful manner. Mementos were presented to our Chief guest and guests of honor. In the end of the program winners of the competitions name was declared by the H.O.D. Mr. Ibadur Rahman and winners were awarded with a trophy and certificate by the chief guest. In the end vote of thanks was proposed by Miss Sarah of class XII. Photo 0799: LIGHTING OF THE LAMP: (From left to right) Mr. Ibadur Rahman (H.O.D.), Hon. Member E.C. Mr. Jayafar Maidani, Guest of honor Mr. Nawaz Deobandi , Chief Guest Mr. Mohammad Shuaib Nigramy, Guest of honor Mr. Mohammad Anwar, Hon. Member (Academics) Mr. Khursheed Alam, Principal Mr. V.R. Palaniswamy, Mr. Aaamir, Mrs. Rewa Rani, Mrs. Sameena Shaikh. Photo 0903: Winner students of Urdu Competitions with Chief Guest and Guests of Honor.

11 NOV 2017, ISB


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